I’m obviously the redheaded photographer around here and I am so pumped you’re here!!

I call myself a homegrown storyteller and I use photo + video to capture the most incredible weddings and family sessions--the ones on farms + mountaintops and in barns + backyards!

I travel all over the country to capture my couples’ love stories but most days you can find me at home on the farm just outside Lebanon, Virginia! If you were to call me, you'd probably find me wrangling my three wild kids, going to CrossFit, working in the garden, or baking something that involves chocolate.

I'm married to the sweetest, most handsome redbearded guy around-Mike! Jesus wrote a really great love story for me and I am so thankful Mike is the guy I get to do life with for the rest of my days!

(but my friends + fam call me Em!)

Hi! I'm Emily!

fun facts about me + my fam!

My mom is an incredible artist who can paint or draw like no tomorrow, can decorate and make a house a home, can sew and craft and make just about anything. Yes, this is me bragging on my mom.

She taught me to paint and draw and be crafty from a young age but it wasn't until college that I tried photography and loved it! Sure it took a LOT of time to get the hang of it, but I loved developing film in the dark room and editing the digital images.

Over time I began realizing that I loved the raw, unposed moments of weddings and sessions and so began this journey of becoming a Homegrown Storyteller....

So what the heck is a

homegrown storyteller??

I grew up with art

Mike and I got engaged at an overlook near lebanon. Mike thought it was funny to tell me he was too broke to buy a ring (#collegestudent) but would have enough saved by summer to buy one....I still said yes...then he pulled out a ring!

mike and i got married summer 2013 on my parents' farm.
It was absolutely perfect!

Sept 2014 - my ellie girl made me a mom!

I had home water births with all 3 of my kiddos!

read Ellie's birth story

read gunner's birth story

I actually videoed gunner and shep's births!

Mike and I love to save some of the choc-oat chip cookie dough then bake it the next day and top with a scoop of vanilla ice cream for movie night on the couch!

I have a micro flower farm and sell fresh cut flowers locally in the summer!

Our business is called
Vintage Flower Farm co

I studied abroad in Lima, peru in college for 4 months. I love the country and the people
so much... 

read more about our heart for missions here!

read more about our heart for missions here!

...in fact, mike and i love peru so much that we
used to go 2x a year for missions!
and 10% of my profit goes to missions!

...In fact, Mike and I love Peru so much that we
used to go 2x a year for missions!
And 10% of my profit goes to missions!

homemade waffles
+   eggs

the best

(anyone wanna elope + bring me along to capture it?? #bucketlistdiscount

My Bucket LIst


visit Iquitos, Peru

build a greenhouse from old doors
  & windows

build a greenhouse from old doors & windows

visit spain

hike to the rainbow mountains in Peru!

get married!

have cute babies

visit the Coramandel peninsula

go on a mission trip at Christmas-time